He's Mark Sullivan & Mark's new novel, "Outlaw" is out this week! Mark is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with 8 thrillers, including "Private Games" which he co-wrote with James Patterson, under is belt. Mark's books feature professional thief, Robin Monarch, & are a combination of "Robert Ludlum & Mission Impossible". In "Outlaw", his latest installment, Monarch is sent to save 3 diplomats who were taken hostage by a gang of Chinese terrorists. "Publisher's Weekly" describes these high-octane thrillers as "A loud, brawny festival of action". It sounds like our Action Packed 5 O'Clock News Hour! I'm going to be talking with Mark this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:45 on the Puffman Show on KSEN. He's a fascinating guy...before becoming a full time novelist, Mark was an investigative journalist. His curiosity & drive has taken him all over the world, including many countries civilians wouldn't dare to venture. He sounds like me(!)...he's not afraid of anything! He loves writing & although originally from "back east", he LOVES living down in Bozeman. See you this afternoon when we'll learn more about Mark & his latest tome, "Outlaw". It's available this week at bookstores nationwide.