September is National Breakfast Month, and today is National Pancake Day!

This popular breakfast treat is one of the earliest known prepared foods, datingf to prehistoric times. Early Christians often ate pancakes for dinner on the eve of Ash Wednesday to use up any eggs and milk they had on hand, since those items would be taboo during the 40 days of Lent. Dietary restrictions during Lent may have changed, but the Shrove Tuesday tradition remains.

My favorite topping for pancakes is peanut butter with maple syrup. I thought everyone ate them that way, until I went off to college in British Columbia. No one had heard of it, but once a few of my classmates tried it, they were hooked, and by the end of my freshman year the cafeteria routinely set a jar of peanut butter out with the maple syrup because so many students were requesting it.

Click HERE for the best pancake recipe ever (that's what it's called) from . I suspect the vanilla is the secret.

So tell me (leave a comment below) what's your favorite pancake topping?

BTW- if you'd like to impress your co-workers , you can work this into the water cooler conversation: While most Americans use the terms "pancake" and "flapjack" interchangeably, they are two entirely different dishes.  Click HERE for a Flapjack recipe from .