Drama, danger, delight & disappointment is what this tome is all about & I'll be reading more of it this evening (Tuesday) at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. We're currently enjoying Kareen Bratt's book, "My Home's In Montana" & I've found it to be a delightful romp into an era & a way of life that is nearly unknowable except to the hardy few who still stake their claim out here on the wind swept prairies of Montana. Kareen grew up on a Fort Benton area wheat ranch back before TV & computers. Last week we read of when her family ranch first got the telephone & electricity. It brought back some memories of the old party line telephone line...not that I'm old or anything! This book should resonate with anyone born out here in Montana, especially with the mentions of the old Fort Benton hospital & the family trips to Great Falls for movies & the public library. Kareen is a very "warm" writer with an ability to take us back when life was so much harder but also so much simpler. It wasn't all that bad. See you this evening at 6 for "Montana History" at the Heritage. I know that all the residents up at the Heritage are already looking forward to their wonderful Heritage Center Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.