Successful entrepreneur & lifetime advocate of healthy living, J. Waterman, is out with his new publication (it's a short book actually), entitled "7 Unusual Habits you need for good sleep". How small/tiny is Waterman's book? So small that all the words in the title aren't capitalized! It's a quick & handy read that reveals the astounding importance of getting a great night's sleep every night-something most Americans fail to achieve-along with the habits of highly successful sleepers that you can use to shed years from your appearance & extend your life. That's MY ticket...I'm doing everything I can to stay looking young, including growing a pony tail!  & Waterman doesn't have to tell me about having a tough time sleeping. In fact, last evening, I had a dream where I was eating a GIANT marshmallow & this morning when I awoke, my pillow was GONE!! "7 Unusual Habits you need for good sleep" covers a ton of material & topics such as Vitamin D. Serotonin, what to do before bedtime to decrease & eliminate stress (in 30 days even!), hydration, natural electrolytes, theta wave entrained music, good chiropractors, & cutomizable sleep systems that are available on the market today. & they're not cheap either... I note a price range from $5697 all the way up to $8500! For $8500, it might be cheaper to drink a couple of amber brews, pop a Valium, & turn on the Puffman Show! Check out J. Waterman's "6 Unusual Habits You Need for Good Sleep" published by TheWriteDeal at: Waterman is not just snoozing all the time either...he's already working on his next tome, "Sleep Sense: The 5+ Senses You Need to Stimulate to Capitalize on Sleep". Good Luck Mr. Waterman & sleep well!