Baby Blue is just NOT Tommy Trojan's color!

If there is a college rivalry as deep as the Cats and Griz, it is that between the USC and UCLA. The Trojans and Bruins face off tomorrow, and both campuses are on high alert for hijinks. Nearly every year, someone tries to paint USC's Tommy Trojan statue in baby blue and gold (UCLA colors), and sometimes they succeed. Last year, UCLA's bruin statue was splattered in USC red and gold.

      As a result, each student body has taken sometimes extrodinary measures to protect its mascot.  Read a full story here:
A group of USC students calling themselves the "Trojan Knights" provide a round-the-clock security detail for Tommy, so no UCLA scoundrel can get within reach. Not to be deterred, Bruins have launched air attacks, dropping paint and even manure on Tommy from a helicopter. (That manure drop went terribly, poetically wrong, as you'll read on the link.)  The Knights are taking no chances this year, it seems. They've wrapped Tommy head-to-pedestal in Duct Tape!