The Great Falls High School Class of 1964 is already fired up for the 50 year class reunion coming up NEXT August, & this Monday evening, there will be a second reunion planning meeting down in Great Falls. The meeting's scheduled for THIS coming Monday evening at 7 in the basement (lower level!) of the Amigo Lounge, or as Bob Dylan sang, "In a basement, down the stairs." ALL 1964 class members are encouraged to attend & to bring along updated names, addresses, phone numbers & E-mail addresses of classmates that they have available. I'm more than looking forward to our reunion as I have so many fond memories of my days at Great Falls High School. Those days & classes made me the man that I am today (I'm the Puffman!), & thanks to my education at Great Falls High, I am a success today in the swinging, swirling world of show business. Although I HAD to take TWO courses of Print Shop in order to graduate with the rest of my class, it really paid off in a big way. TODAY, I find myself "printing" out numerous Puffman Blogs! See you this Monday night at the Amigo, 1200 7th Street South in Great Falls for the next planning meeting for the 50th reunion of the GFHS Class of '64. Don't forget to bring along your updated names, addresses, phone numbers & E-mails. This reunion WILL be a success because of you! In the meantime, if you needed anything "printed", don't hesitate to call on me, I've got a degree!