The new book is "Growing Up Ziglar" by Julie ZIGLAR Norman. Ol' Zig Ziglar was a legend in our media/broadcasting biz & now his daughter, Julie, has written "Growing Up Ziglar-A Daughter's Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope". New York Times best-selling author & nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey says "Julie found God where most of us do: somewhere in between the lofty ideal we're told about & the big mess we often make of our lives". Julie often says her pop was the king of "doing life right" & that she is the poster child for "doing life wrong". Move over Julie, I'm the Puffman. What a read this tome is, as Julie writes that for over a quarter of a century, she lived every day with regret, shame, guilt, & depression. But as the daughter of the" motivator's motivator", Zig Zigler, Julie knew that she needed to be positive. Julie pens this book with real honesty & insight with her life gripping story that has helped countless women experience God's grace & forgiveness more profoundly. Ask yourself...are you ready for a journey of transformation & hope?" If your answer is YES, check out "Growing Up Zigler" from Guideposts at Old Zig Ziglar...what a guy!