My friend, Peter Franklin, aka the Gabby Cabby, ran across...not OVER(!)...Cameron Diaz recently in Central Park in New York City. Cameron was spotted by the driver of the "yellow mobile conveyance lounge" playing volleyball. Pete's no Stage-Door-Johnny, but he brought his cab to a stop on a dime! Pete will be joining me tomorrow (Saturday) morning on the Puffman Show at 9:30 to share this true life-true tale adventure along with a host of other colorful stories & colorful characters... in the life of a New York City cabdriver. True Tales the 'ol hack does not lack & it's always an adventure having him with me on the Puffman Show. Pete's has a great smiler too about New York City psychiatrist that will make you kick the slats out of your cradle! Check out ALL his True Tales on Pete's website: There's a great picture of a $1130,000 Maserati that was stolen from the TriBeCa Garage & to me, it looks similar to the car Pete drives when he's not driving his cab. There's a "story-behind-story" on this Maserati caper & I'm going to try to get to the bottom of it with Pete tomorrow morning. If you're planning a trip to the Big Apple, be sure & contact the Gab Man...he gives great tours, probably the best available in the city. See you tomorrow morning at 9:30 with the Gabby Cabby.