Talk about a case of "tight jaws"! The New York City Gab Man is not only in his yellow mobile conveyance lounge, he's also in a "huff", because after writing to both Montana Senator Max Baucus and State Attorney General Steve Bullock, they have both refused to answer his inquiries. The Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin, will be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. He's also not happy with New York City's Department of Environmental Protection in their efforts to get both homeowners and landlords alike to replace their water guzzling toilets with models that use less water. You should check out his website,, and see the great picture of an outhouse the Wacky Hacky has posted. And he wonders why Baucus and Bullock won't answer his letters! How are other things in New York? According to Pete, a union bigwig is stealing union funds, drunk drivers should be tossed into the slammer and have their vehicles taken away forever, some high-ranking cops have gotten pinched for making a teen's burglary charge go away, and the "Road to the Presidency" is rocky back in the Big Apple. Other than that, it's another day in paradise. See you at 4:30 this afternoon.