Looking over the latest True Tales from the Gabby Cabby, (they're on the web at: gabby.com), Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, the driver of the yellow mobile conveyance writes, "I run a credit check on everyone getting into the taxi & that is no joke! That information goes directly to the credit bureaus who know where you are going & coming". Oh boy! I'm not sure where Pete is going or coming, but this afternoon (Thursday), he's be "coming" on the Puffman Program during the 4 o'clock hour. What a day...1st we get hit with a winter blizzard, then we're hit with the zany Franklin, the Gabby Cabby from the streets of New York City. Never one shy to toot his own taxi horn, Pete boasts that his zip code is 10021 which, he claims, is just about the RICHEST in the USA! He's also promised to tell us a real knee slapper-a real rib tickler of a joke about a fellow with a big cavity in a tooth. How big is it? I invite you to tune in later this afternoon & find out! Oh, one more thing...the man gives GREAT tours of New York City. Just make sure that your credit rating is okay!