For nearly 3 decades, photojournalist Dick Kettlewell won awards capturing the speed, power, & agility of football players & other athletes with his camera. His images appeared in major newspapers & magazines, including the New York Times & USA Today. Now retired & living in South Dakota, Mr. Kettlewell trains his lens on a new-& under-appreciated-quarry: pronghorn. Kettlewell's passion for pronghorn (also known as antelope) shines in his latest book that I'll be giving away tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on Puffman SPORTS Trivia. The book is "A Pronghorn Year; A Visual Tribute to North America's Pronghorn" & once again, Farcountry Press has put together a truly beautiful presentation. Kettlewell says that "Everyone knows that pronghorn are fast...clocked at up to 68 MPH. But they're supremely adapted to life on the prairie in many other ways as well. Their eyes are as big as an elephant's, as keen as 8 power binoculars. & their diet features more than 400 plants, including many that other animals won't touch, such as bitterbrush & prickly pear cactus." Kettlewell weaves these & other insights into 80 pages of intriguing essays, amply illustrated with more than 100 full-color photographs, including rare close-ups of newborn fawns, bucks sparring during the rut, & other scenes of a year in the life of wild pronghorn. "A Pronghorn Year" from Farcountry Press is available at area bookstores & gift shops, through online retailers, or from Farcountry Press at 1 800 821 3874, 1st caller in tomorrow morning with the correct answer to my sports trivia question WINS the book! I've come up with a Puffman SPORTS question pertaining to a "SPORTS" themed movie back in 1986. See you tomorrow for more Puffman SPORTS Trivia at 7:30!