From what I've been hearing this morning (Tuesday), Todd and those custom cutter guys are on their way to Forsyth with the last of their equipment. They finished the harvest in Denver a week ago today and this is the EARLIEST they have ever been done. The crops averaged about 37, which isn't too bad, considering the ongoing drought. Since finishing the Denver action, they have reported recent rains of more than an inch, which is certainly well received by the fire fighters. Moisture uncurled the "onion-looking corn and leaves and seemed to give them new life. The custom guys report rain all the way south of Kimball, Nebraska and it appears to me that most of the wheat along the way has been harvested. Shadron, Nebraska is cut out and also a large portion of South Dakota. Here in Montana at Forsyth, they are going to try some winter wheat, which looks close to being ripe, but the for the barley at the end of the week. Talkative Todd says lots of combines are on the move north and there are already custom cutters down in Fort Benton. I've also heard rumors of possible swathing of grain down in the Dutton area by this Sunday, just in time for Dutton Fun Day weekend. I'll keep my ear to the ground and my eyes to the sky and blog about more cutting activity as it becomes available.