I've been literally fascinated with precipitation for years. Often times, you'll find me OUTSIDE our KSEN Studios checking our rain gauge. This morning (Monday), I received the May Precipitation Report at the Knees.May was a windy, cool month, with strong winds from the west & the east & significant mositure coming towards the end of the month. Total precip for May was 2.41 inches with a trace of snow. May 5, 10th, 12th, 14th, 23rd, & 29th all came in with a trace of precipitation while May 1st showed a trace of snow. May 1st also came in with 1.01 perecip while May 18th had .05, May 19th recorded .03, May 20th showed .14, .06 on May 21st with May 24th & May 27th registering .40 & .07 respectively. May 28th showed .15 while May 30th logged .42, & May 31st was .81. I'll keep you posted on my Puffman Blog as harvest season draws closer.