The amazing social networking website Facebook.  Do you love you have...can you not live without it?

What kind of facebook user are you? Do you browse, stalk, over share, under share, or just for entertainment?  There are a lot of Facebook addicts out there...I am not saying I am not one of them.  Out of all of the social network sites out there facebook seems to be the one that is a must use! I remember signing up for Facebook when I was enrolled at MSU Bozeman.  We had a little note in our mail box that told all the students that Facebook was the way to keep track of your college friends.  We were all under the impression that it was just for us...not like a worldwide site.  I remember making my account and playing with it for a few days...then I forgot about it for 3 years! All of a sudden everyone was saying oh yeah I saw that on Facebook to everyone they talked brought back a memory of when I signed up for something I remember calling Facebook. 

The rest is could probably call me a Facebook addict....I know I am not as bad as some people...but I do spend a lot of time on it!  I guess if you have to have an addiction it isn't a bad one to have!