I attended an amazing concert last weekend! Church is a top notch performer, he was incredible! The Concert was held at the EnMX Center in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada on Saturday February 23rd.  The accommodations were at their best, they have an excellent facility that held about 7,000 people for the show. I was 16 rows from the stage and enjoyed every second of the performance and the crowd! Eric Church was a pro at keeping the crowd going for the entire concert, changing backgrounds, lights, smoke, fire, and just his words he spoke between songs. As you can see from the featured image, a photo I took at the concert, it wasn't much of a "family" show...to say the least!

Photo taken at Eric Church concert Feb. 23, 2013 by Holly Iverson

This was the last concert on this tour before he joins with Kenny Chesney for his next tour.