Yesterday I blogged about spring REALLY being here. Well, guess what? Easter is one week from this Sunday and what a special time of the year. A time of rebirth, renewal, new life, and pretty spring fashions. It's true, there IS a time for every season under heaven and it IS time for spring. Tomorrow, Friday, the Home and School Easter Egg Hunt will be taking place at Aronow Park here in Shelby. It's more than fun and it's for all kids zero to 9 years old. Down in Conrad on Saturday evening, the Conrad Community Choir will be presenting an Easter Celebration Concert at 7 at the Conrad High School auditorium with another performance scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 3. Speaking of Conrad, the Karaoke For Cancer finals will be held Saturday night at Norley Hall in Conrad also starting at 7. Sometimes I think you need to be two people to live around these parts! In Sweetgrass Saturday evening, there's a wild game stew feed kicking off at 6:30 at the Sweetgrass Legion Hall. This Sunday, over in Chester, St. Mary's Annual Spring Dinner will be going on at St. Mary's Church from noon to 3. There's potatoes & gray, vegetables, salad bar, pie and beverage on the platter. I'll tell you about the Cut Bank Sharks Swim Team sign-ups set for this Sunday in tomorrow's blog. There is something very special about spring and we are all blessed to enjoy spring in all  it's splendid glory right here in North Central Montana, the place we call the "Golden Triangle". Happy spring from the Puffman.