It's Ag Appreciation month and I'm gearing up to follow the custom cutters again this year. I understand that conditions "down south" have really "gone south"! A week or so of mid 80 degree temperatures, coupled with 30 to 35 mile per hour winds have literally stressed the Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas crops, causing visible blue circles (not to be confused with crop circles) and shriveled leaves in the fields . Those crops need moisture (who doesn't these days) and cooler weather sooner than later! Down in Colorado, the crops are just thawing out, putting those folks a little further behind. Their snow has just left and the temperatures and winds there aren't so bad. One customer harvester who comes to Montana every year, Todd is his name, has most of his harvest crew hired and most of the legal papers are done, the vehicles DOT checked with the long haul south beginning to take shape. I know it's early spring but Todd and his crew will be winding their way up to the Golden Triangle before we realize it. Meanwhile, Gary Gollehan at the Knees, east of Brady, on Hell's Gulch Road at the "Gollehon Place" is just like the bears...he's coming out of hibernation! Here's hoping for a GREAT crop year in north central Montana!