hat's what I would like to know. I've given away a few "Interactive Biological Age Quiz" discs on my Puffman Musical Trivia segment lately. Being an old guy, I'm not sure if one plays these in a CD player or your danged computer. I shouldn't complain, a year ago, I couldn't even spell the word "blog" and now I'm writing one! I have a special guest this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 to explain exactly what the "Interactive Biological Age Quiz" is and what it all means. He's Alberto Trujillo, a man who has over 22 years experience working in the natural foods and alternative health industry. Alberta is also be sharing information about a gentle detox for the whole body PLUS I'll be giving away another "Interactive Biological Age Quiz" and this time I'll know where to play it. And when I do, I'll let you know my "biological Age". I think it's younger than I look.