'll be giving away a brand new hard copy of author Peter de Jonge's latest read, "Buried On Avenue B" this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30 on my "Puffman Musical Trivia" segment to the first caller who can answer my "Musical Trivia" question. Bestselling author James Patterson says that "Buried on Avenue B" is as good or better, than any mystery novel that comes out of Scandinavia, the rest of Europe, or America from sea to shining sea this year". Patterson states that "it isn't exactly realism-but that's because the dialogue is too sharp and funny". What more can I say! Publication date was just this Tuesday  and if you're not fortunate enough to win your copy of the book this afternoon, it should be in the book stores and also at amazon.com. Harpercollins is the publisher. Take it from me, I'm the Puffman, This hard-boiled prose and urban slang transports readers of serious crime fiction through gritty, harsh scenes populated with colorful characters. And you thought my afternoon show was exciting. This tome will come at you like a freight train and hit you like a knuckle sandwich!