Actually it's "Dager" on the Puffman Show. She's Brooke Dager, PMHNP, & Brooke's the NEW mental health nurse practitioner over at the Marias Medical Center here in Shelby. I only wrote "Danger" on my Puffman Blog Post to get your attention. I thought it rather clever of myself! Brooke Dager is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who's received holistic education in health care & specializes in mental health, & she'll be providing care in our Golden Triangle across the life-span. Brooke's stopping by the Puffman Show this afternoon (Wednesday) at 2:30 & sharing her expertise & specialties with our afternoon listeners. Looking forward to meeting Brooke Dager & talking "Mental Health." I'm going to ask her to check out my friend Grover Gopher when she's here.