Our Center for Mental Health Advisory Board is scheduled to conduct our monthly meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 12 noon at the Griddle here in Shelby. We meet the 3rd Thursday of every month from September through May & are always seeking new members from the community. The Center for Mental Health partners with people & communities in order to produce exceptional mental health & substance abuse services. This becomes more challenging as time goes along in our ever changing society & world. We ask you to get involved as we continue to partner to improve lives. I've been the President of the board for a number of years & speaking personally, it has been a real eye opening & learning experience for me. If YOU think you'd like to become a member, contact the Center at 434 5285. The Center for Mental Health is located here in Shelby at 925 Oilfield Avenue in the old Buzybees Daycare Builder next to Dr. Rock. We'll see you tomorrow at noon at the Griddle.