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Brains vs Brawn…or Both
They call it "the thinking man's contact sport." it's Chess Boxing. I'm not kidding. Two big burly guys get in the ring and pound on each other for a few minutes. Then they set up a card table and play chess for a few minutes, then go back to pounding on each other, …
World’s Oldest Living Man Turns 115 Years Old
On Thursday, Jiroemon Kimura of Japan, the world’s oldest living man and the third oldest man in recorded history, celebrated his 115th birthday. Happy birthday, Jiroemon! (It’s anybody’s guess how they fit that many candles on a cake.)
See Through Walls With A Cell Phone
Peeping toms, perverts, and wannabe superheroes rejoice! Researchers at the University of Texas – Dallas have designed an imager chip that could turn mobile phones into devices that can see through walls, wood, plastics, paper and other objects.
Chalk is Cheap…and Chic
Yes, chalk. It's not just for blackboards and sidewalks anymore. From the catwalk to Hollywood to the schoolyard, chalked hair is the latest fashion fad.  It's cheap, for one thing, so even pint-sized fashionistas on an allowance can afford to be stylish...
Is This a Real UFO Over South Korea or a Hoax?
While flying in a commercial jet over Seoul, South Korea, a surprised passenger shot this footage of a strange, bowl-shaped flying saucer from his window seat, causing internet folk to weigh-in with theories regarding this bizarre craft. Could this sighting be the real deal…or is it simply an…
Reporter Dressed as Easter Bunny Freaks Out Kids
To help celebrate Easter, Good Morning Sacramento reporter Alan Sanchez dressed up like the Easter Bunny and set off to entertain children. Some would say his wild gyrations in front of the kids would be more at home at a furry convention than a sacred holiday.

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