Fan Makes Greatest Catch in Baseball History
Once you become an adult, you can’t really bring your glove to a baseball game. But don’t worry, you still have something to catch a ball with should the opportunity arise. Yup, we mean that 20 oz plastic cup of beer in your hand.
Female Cycling Fan Flashes Racers
Who knew cycling fans could be so crazy? At the 2012 Gent-Wevelgem held on March 25th, a female spectator was either really excited to see whoever these two cyclists were, or she was hoping to distract them into crashing.
Is This The World’s Largest Paper Airplane?
The first time a paper airplane you make flies well, you feel as if you can tackle any kind of aviation engineering. Then some jerk has to come along and make one that not only is bigger, flies better, and looks cooler, but also with a flick of the wrist he can make it do a full loop in mid air.
Tenacious D Is Back… To Be The Best
Many thought Tenacious D faded away like dust in the wind after their commercially mediocre movie “The Pick of Destiny” received mixed reviews from critics despite the band’s fans loving every minute of it. After five or so years out of the spotlight, the …

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