LeBron James Carries a Man Purse
Celebrities think they can get away with anything. They usually can. For example, the muscle shirt Dwyane Wade is rocking in the picture above. Even if a regular person had the physique to pull it off, wearing such a painted on item would garner that person well-deserved ridicule. Yet, because …
That wacky redhead
This month (August) marked the 60th anniversary of the first episode of "I Love Lucy" and in honor of Lucille Ball's 100th birthday on August 6th, Coyne Steven Sanders and Tom Gilbert have come out with a special anniversary edition of the book "Desilu." Sanders and Gilbert were …
Golfer’s Victory Celebration Ends With Broken Shin [VIDEO]
After French golf pro Thomas Levet won the French Open, the 42-year old decided it was time for some dramatic celebrating.
So with the cameras flashing, and some sort of chanting going on in the background, Levet and his agent, Patrice Bartez, jumped into the water hazard at the 18th hole.
Out of Control Wedding Dance Leads to Spill Into Fountain [VIDEO]
In this video, a young man at a wedding performs a spirited and solo dance, much to the delight of everyone watching.
It’s the type thing that will often happen at a wedding, after some cocktails have been consumed. But what makes this spirited solo wedding dance different than most is that at this …
One-Armed War Vet Wows Crowd by Catching Foul Ball [VIDEO]
“I thought I was going to catch the ball or go over the railing,” said Michael Kacer of the foul ball he caught at Yankee Stadium Friday.
The 29-year old vet had lost his left arm in Afghanistan, so he had nothing to brace himself with when he used his baseball cap as a gl…
Blind Man Stuns With Amazing Ability To Fix Cars [VIDEO]
They say if you lose one of your senses, another becomes heightened to compensate.
That certainly seems to be the case for 50-year-old Bart Hickey. Legally blind, he can’t drive a car — but he can take one apart and put it back together. He even owns his own successful repair sh…

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