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‘The Office’ Discovers Planking [VIDEO]
‘The Office‘ premiered its eighth season last night, and for the second year in the a row, the employees of Dunder Mifflin are just catching onto something that’s already old news on the internet. Last fall they treated us to an office-wide lip dub, and this year they&Clo…
Jonah Hill Says He’s Feuding With Matthew Morrison [VIDEO]
Just because Jonah Hill is suddenly svelte doesn’t mean he can’t still get hurt feelings.
The ‘Moneyball’ actor appeared on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘ to show off his recent dramatic weight loss and to tell the host about his many upcoming projects, one of which is ’Allen Gregory,’ a new animated…
Did Hugh Jackman Break a WWE Wrestler’s Jaw? [VIDEO]
Hugh Jackman appeared on WWE Raw earlier this week to promote his robot boxing film, ‘Real Steel.’ As is tradition when celebrities find themselves in the wrestler-verse, Jackman mixed it up with the grapples, and ended up hitting Dolph Ziggler with a sneak attack punch.
While the punch was obviously…

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