10 Great Moments In ‘Puppy Bowl’ History
The monarchs of cute over at Animal Planet started something genius a few years ago, and this year, they will continue their adorable tradition by bringing us Puppy Bowl VIII on February 5th. There’s another big game that day, but the true battle for the title of champ will be fought…
Bound to finish tonight
I'm "bound to finish" "Ruth McLaughlin's "Bound Like Grass" this evening (Tuesday) at six when I'm reading Montana History at the Marias Heritage Center. There's only a few pages left of this sorrowful saga from the Western High Plains. Then,  if I don't take the gas pipe, I…
She wants to save the mustang
And I don't mean those cars that David Kennedy in Car Town sometimes talks about. These are the "mustang" horses and I have a special guest/expert scheduled for this Friday afternoon at 4:35 that has a lot in common with Betty White, Bob Barker, and Ellen DeGeneres...
12 Cute Animals to Watch in 2012 [VIDEOS]
Maureen Lunn/Brisbane Falling/TheFutureIsUnwritten/Praziquantel/Crazy Creatures/likeaduck, Flickr
Admit it: at some point, you've been baited into the time-suck that is watching adorable cat videos on YouTube like a kitten to a ball of yarn. We'
9 Adorably Mismatched Animal Pals [VIDEOS]
Just like us humans are fascinated by the behavior of animals, and enjoy interacting with our furry friends when we have the opportunity, some animals display similar curiosities toward other species in the animal kingdom.
Our nine favorite inter-species animal videos of 2011 are below…
Dog Wearing Santa Pants Has a Hilarious Walk [VIDEO]
If there’s one thing the Web loves it’s animals. And if there’s one thing that the Web loves more than animals it’s animals dressed like people!
One guy decided to put pants on his dog, and when he did, something interesting happened.
The Gabby Cabby went around the world
According to the Saturday, December 24th New York newspaper, my friend Peter Franklin, the New York City Cab AND GAB driver transported Santa Claus around the world Christmas Eve, stopping in 171 countries overnight. I guess Santa used Pete because of some kind of labor dispute with his elves...

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