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MSU Extension Minute: Varmint Control Links

Here are the links to the publications offered by Glacier Co. Agent Kari Lewis on today's Extension Minute:
The Columbian Ground Squirrel: It's Biology and Control 
MT Dept. of Agriculture List of Registered Rodenticides for Ground Squirrel Control
MRLA Hosts “Gentle Hands” Livestock Conference
Last fall when leaders of the Marias River Livestock Association heard that Temple Grandin could possibly be in Montana for spring 2014, they jumped at the chance to bring her to the Golden Triangle. Her appearance will be the cornerstone event of the Gentle Hand Livestock Confer…
MSU Extenion: Field Tour at Conrad July 8th.
 BOZEMAN – Mixed species cover crops, or "cover crop cocktails," are the focus of a study by researchers at Montana State University and will be the topic of a field tour on July 8 from 9-11 a.m., near Conrad, Montana. The four-year study, funded by USDA Western Sustainable Agriculture Res…
Ag Alert: Head Blight Found in Fairfield Area
The MSU Extension Service  has issued a new Ag Alert bulletin, with information on head blight management with fungicide to follow up on the 28 May agalert. Click HERE for the bulletin in pdf form. High risk areas include yellowstone and gallatin valleys as well as the fairfield bench...
MSU AgAlert: Pea Leaf Weevils Found in Hill County
The MSU Cooperative Extension Service has issued a new AgAlert bulletin, after Hill County Extension Agent  Nicole Gray reported pea leaf weevil (PLW) activity at the Northern Ag Research Center.
Click HERE to see a photo of weevil damage...
MSU AgAlert- Army Cutworms On the March
The MSU Cooperative Extension Service reports in infestation of Army Cutworms in Teton County, near Collins.
Click HERE for the latest MSU AgAlert.
Click HERE for a MontGuide on Army Cutworms and Pale Western Cutworms.
Sit Heel Down Stay Stand
How many times have you wished that your dog could understand those simple words? No worries, there's going to be a 4-H Dog Obedience Workshop Introduction tomorrow (Tuesday) & then continuing on Tuesdays, May 27th through June 24th, down in Conrad at the Pondera Shooting Sports Club. T…
Ag Alert: Wheat Streak Mosaic in Chouteau County
Wheat streak mosaic virus and active wheat curl mites have been detected in Chouteau County. Click HERE for the latest Montana AgAlert from the MSU Extension Service, including photos and management recommendations.
UPDATE: Dr. Mary Burrows issued a second AgAlert Monday afternoon, saying there is th…
Glacier County Welcomes New Extension Agent
Glacier County's new MSU Extension Service agent is no stranger to the Golden Triangle. Kari Lewis (nee Gillespie) grew up in northern Toole County. You are invited to an open house to meet Kari (or get reaquainted) on Friday, May 9, from 1-5 pm, at the county extension office, located in …
Farm/Ranch Women “Home Alone” Workshop
The following is from Tyler Lane, Chouteau County Extension Agent:   
            Have you ever been left home alone to manage the farm and ranch for a few days or hours? Have you been left to “watch&CloseCurlyDoubleQuot…
Teton Co. 4-H Demo Day Results
Nineteen 4-H youth ages 7-16 spent Saturday teaching and entertaining a crowd of about 65 people with their 4-H presentations.  There were 18 presentations, as one was a team presentation.  Half of the presentations were from first-time participants at the Teton County 4-H Presentation eve…

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