In fact, allow ME to call a cab, or in this case, a "CABBY"! I'll have Peter Franklin the New York City cab driver on this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:40 on the Puffman Show. An interesting twist, or should I say "left hand turn" to the Gabby's True Tales this week...the Gab Man recently gave one of his infamous tours to a couple from over in Chester. Although he tries to deny that on the air, the Chester man called me a couple of days ago after hearing one of Pete's broadcasts from the week before. I "pack a tight suitcase" so I am NOT going to mention the fellow's name on my Puffman Blog or on the air. Actually, the Chester guy didn't hear the broadcast first of his Chester area neighbors was listening & reported back to him. After some of the remarks Pete made about his wife on the air, it's probably just as well that he wasn't listening. I gave my new Chester friend an "overview" of the broadcast & more or less glossed over what Pete said about his wife! I won't go into the details on my blog, but suffice to say that our own Shirley Gardipee, along with our Toole County Sheriff, have moved down to positions number 2 & 3 on Pete's list. In other words, Shirley is no longer in 1st place. More details this afternoon when the Gabby Cabby will be on the air with his True Tales from the Big Apple. Check out his website: & I'll see you later this afternoon. I have to go now & touch base with the radio station attorney!