There's nothing like a good page turner of a book on a cold winter night & there's a great opportunity to add to your reading library this weekend here in Shelby. The Friends of the Toole County Library are having their book sale today (Saturday( AND tomorrow (Sunday). There's always a ton of good books at Friends of the Library book sales & this comes at a good time for those of us who work during the week & often can't make it to one of the library book sales. They're running the sale until 4 o'clock this afternoon & then they're back on Sunday from 1 in the afternoon until 7 tomorrow evening. With the days getting shorter & darker & some winter storms still to come, there's nothing like a good warm book on a cold December evening. See you at the book sale this weekend here in Shelby. Which do you prefer: fiction or nonfiction? I'd like to hear from you on my Puffman Blog. By the way, not that I'm so smart(!)... I received an "acknowledgment in Joan Bird's new book, "Montana UFO's and Extraterrestrials" & Joan will be joining me this Tuesday afternoon on my program at 4:30. It's a fascinating read (besides my name being in print(!) of extraordinary stories of documented sightings & encounters. I really never believed in those UFO's until I had a ride in one several years back!