I hope you all had a chance to catch "Viewing Montana" this morning (Saturday) on KSEN AM & K96 FM. My friend & longtime broadcast man Jerry Black was back in the "Air Chair" barking out the local & state news along with the Friday night football scores & even a preview of today's Bobcat & Griz games. I know it was really great listening for our Golden Triangle radio audience & it was cool to me. It goes without saying that Jerry Black is a true Montana broadcaster who has left a giant footprint on Montana radio here in the Golden Triangle & North Central Montana. I don't think Jerry remembers, but I first met Jerry back in 1966 or 1977 when I was starting out as a "junior broadcaster" down in Great Falls. Jerry helped make KSEN & K 96 FM what it is today &, in my opinion, accomplished things here in North Central Montana radio that few other broadcasters anywhere could have accomplished. It was my pleasure to sit back & listen to Jerry deliver the program this morning. I know when I speak for all of us when I say, "job well done Jerry...this morning & your broadcasting & political career". I'm already looking forward to the next time you visit the station. I can't wait to see the ratings on this morning's show!