My father used to tell me that my days in high school were "The best days of my life". I couldn't never see his point at the time, but I sure can now-a-days. My 1964 class is planning our 50th Reunion! It's scheduled for NEXT August 15th & the 1st planning meeting for the reunion is set for next Monday, May 13th down in Great Falls. We'll meet Monday evening at 7 downstairs at the Amigo Lounge in Great Falls. 1964 class members are encouraged to bring any updated names, addresses, phone numbers & e-mail addresses of classmates to the Monday night meeting. I'm more than excited about a 50th Reunion(!) & of course, you may look at me...I'm the Puffman...& wonder how I could have graduated way back in '64 when I appear so I'm in my mid to late 40's??. Well, the answer is easy...I'm like Doogie Howser, I graduated high school very, very young. See you next Monday evening at the Amigo Lounge, 1200 7th Street South, Great Falls.Here's to the Class of '64!