Ripley's Believe It or Not(!) is now accepting entries to its 2nd annual "Strange Mail Contest." This little gem is so simple that our listeners here in north central Montana can simply "Mail it in" when it comes to entering. In fact, that's the whole point. For the "Strange Mail Contest," Ripley's wants to see what weird objects the public can mail to its corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The catch is: NO PACKAGING OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED! This means that no boxes, envelopes or wrapping of any kind-the postage & address must go directly on the item. Ripley's VP of Exhibits & Archives, Edward Meyer, a frequent Puffman guest, will be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:30 to fill us in. Ripley's 1st Strange Mail Contest produced some 89 entries from 16 states, plus items sent from Russia & Ireland. Entries included a toilet seat, an inflatable monkey, a zucchini, a rubber skeleton, a bar of soap, a bowling ball & the contest WINNER: a meal from McDonalds taped to a plastic plate! (check out the picture) Mr. Meyer says, "This contest is all about creativity & having fun. We even want the postal carriers to have some fun with this contest." Every person who sends in an entry will receive a copy of "Dear Mr. Ripley: A Compendium of Curioddities" from the Believe It Or Not(!) Archives. & dig this...I'll be giving away a Ripley's Believe It or Not(!) boos right after this afternoon's interview with Edward. It's always a "Strange" afternoon when Edward Meyer from Ripley's comes on the Puffman Show. In the meantime, I'm going to figure out something "Strange" to send in to Ripley's "Strange Mail Contest!"