With winter underway here in our Golden Triangle, a note of caution when walking on snow & ice. Wayne Street, who's a director of trauma nursing at Mayo Clinic, says, "Prevention is always the best thing." Hospital workers say if you do have to go out in slippery conditions, take it slow & use a shuffle to prevent falling. That's easy for me...I've been shuffling when I walk for years! Mr. Street says, "If you do end up on the ground, get up slowly, sit & check yourself for injuries. "We never know what's going to happen, you could break your leg, you can crack your pelvis" says the cautious Street. ANYONE over the age of 55 is considering "High Risk" for injuries from a fall especially if they are on certain medication. "If people fall & they hit their head & they're on blood thinners, even a minor hit, they really need to come to an emergency department & get checked out" according to Street at Mayo. "The incidents of brain bleeds is very high. Ice cleats are one way to gain traction on the ice but if you feel yourself falling, don't fall with your arms behind you, don't try & catch your self with your arms, try to kind of take the hit with your bottom or your back & chest. We should all try to keep on our toes for what could be a long winter. Mayo Clinic says even though 55 is considered high risk, people of any age can be injured by a fall & these safety tips apply to ALL ages. The Mayo Clinic Health Minute is heard at 5:30 in the evenings on our Action Packed 5 O'Clock New Hour on KSEN AM 1150 & K 96 FM.