Dale Sheldon's new book, "Who Lost?" has me kicking the slats out of my cradle! Probably one of the funniest lines I've ever read in my life is on page 27, when poor Dale says to his pop, "I asked Dad if we were dead." "Who Lost?" is entertaining with a capital E & we'll be reading more tonight (Tuesday) up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby during our "Montana History"Tuesday night reading. Only "Smiling Sheldon" could make an auto accident this funny. This autobiography of a blind man with great vision is one cool read. We're only about 29 pages into Sheldon's saga & I can't wait to read more. Actually, we WOULD have read more of the book last Tuesday except I had to stop for a couple of minutes in order to quit laughing & gain my composure! You'll love the book...check it out at ALL local book outlets & at: Amazon.com & Barnes&Noble.com. Or simply contact Dale Sheldon for a copy. Dale's still around, he's not dead yet! See you tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP at the Heritage Center for more Montana History.