I always like to blog about my Tuesday evening "Montana History" reading up at the Heritage Center. I've found, that not only is the Marias Heritage Center a fun place to live, BUT there's a ton of fun activities going on up there ALL the time. For instance: THIS Monday, the Marias Heritrage Center's Community Card Party will be happening. The fun & games begin at 1:30 Monday afternoon & there's no charge-it's FREE! A variety of games will be dealt & spun out on Monday & I've found that in cards, as in life, there is always one joker! Well, call me an "Ace" & I'll look forward to reading more Montana History on Charlie Russell this Tuesday evening at the Heritage. And don't forget the Community Card Party on Monday. If you or a family member would be interested in "real" retirement living at it's finest, feel free to contact Judy Richmond (434 3290) at the Heritage. Judy is a nice lady & no doubt, she will buy you one of their delicious lunches up there.