There's always something happening up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. The community card parties at the Heritage are always a blast & there's another one set for this afternoon (Monday) at 1:30 SHARP. It's their regular Community Card Party this afternoon & when they say "Community"...they mean EVERYONE! Everyone in town is invited to stop by this afternoon for cards, refreshments & FUN. What's your favorite card game? Mine is Rummy 500. I'd like to hear from you on my Puffman Blog. Not that I'm so smart, but I often perform "Card Tricks" for my friends & coworkers! I'm the Puffman. Hope to see you this afternoon up at the Heritage for "card FUN" & of course, I'll be up there tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 6 to read more Montana History...we'll be starting a new book this Tuesday. Once again, thanks to Dale Sheldon for his wonderful read, "Who Lost."