I heard Judy Richman on the radio this morning & it's always good to hear her cheerful pleasant voice & find out what's happening at the Heritage. This morning (Tuesday), Judy mentioned that there is currently an opening...a studio apartment...available up at the Marias Heritage Center. What a perfect place to spend your retirement years! I'll be AT the Heritage this evening reading more "Montana History". I always look forward to Tuesdays & today is no exception. We'll be continuing with Donna Gray's book of extraordinary stories of Montana ranch women. The book is "Nothing To Tell" & I won't "spoil it" for you by explaining the title, but I strongly encourage you to check out these stories of some of Montana's rural women. Unlike the title, they DO have SO much to tell & it's all here in the book. TwinDot, an imprint of Globe Pequot Press out of Guilford, Connecticut & Helena, Montana is the publisher. Check it out at www.GobePequot.com & I know you'll want to add this read to your personal library. See you tonight at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby for some more "Montana History"!