That's the riveting book that I'll be giving away tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. Martin Spinelli's "After The Crash" from Mainstream Publishing Company is the heart-rending TRUE story of how one man's love for his son saved BOTH their lives. "After The Crash" is much more than a moving personal story. It's a handbook for dealing with disaster, not just surviving it but mastering it & using it to transform your life for the better. Author Spinelli says "In the pit of my stomach, as I kissed my 4 year old son Lio & my darling wife Sasha goodbye, I knew something was up. By that evening, the police had told me about the crash. Lio's bright & talented mother was killed that day, & he narrowly escaped the same fate. But instead of it being an ending for us, the crash was the beginning. Lio's miraculous recovery from severe brain damage & a coma defied medical science. As I witnessed his astonishing journey from intensive care bed to 10 Downing Street & fought to pull him through horrific injuries & the loss of his mother, I found real purpose & meaning for the 1st time in my life." it's a real page turner for sure & the 1st person in at 434 5241 at 7:30 tomorrow morning with the correct answer to my sports trivia question, WINS this MUST READ! I'll be asking a sports trivia question about the "Human Eraser" tomorrow morning on Puffman Sports Trivia & the WINNING is only beginning on the Puffman Show!