Actually it's a WHALE of a True Tale from the Gab Man, Peter Franklin-the Gabby Cabby. Pete will be joining me tomorrow (Saturday) morning around 9:30 for our 1st broadcast of the new year. I haven't called Pete lately, it seems like (1) I upset him or (2) he upsets me whenever we talk. Talk about tight jaws!! Pete has a great story this week about a beached whale who washed up ashore in Queens. Being no stranger to strong opinion, Franklin frets about a NY newspaper that has published both the names & addresses of handgun permit holder in NY. What's Pete's take on gun control? The man now wants to BAN subways! The driver of the yellow conveyance lounge seems to always be rubbing shoulders with the rich & famous...this week he spotted Vanessa Redgrave in Times Square. In my opinion, Pete has one of the coolest websites going: Check it out, there's radio broadcasts, interviews, movie/slide shows, old time radio shows, TV theme music, a music video & a feature entitled "The Sneaky Camera"...jump back Allen Funt! He's even written & published a book, check it out on his website. See you tomorrow morning with the man long on opinions & short on temperament. He IS indeed, the Gabby Cabby from the streets of New York.