The Gab Man's will be on the Puffman Show this afternoon (Friday) at 4:35 direct from the streets of New York City. Nothing's really "right" in Pete's world. He still doesn't have an apartment and he's holed up in a cheap hotel in New York. The Gabby Cabby tells me that's he none too happy with Ben Baily of the "Cash Cab" program and that's it's basically a fake, a fraud and a phony! That's NOW...and going BACK to 1975, this driver of the "yellow mobile conveyance lounge" is still ticked about the free concert Jefferson Starship put on in Central Park, costing some $14,000 in damage and park cleanup fees. For that matter, he didn't think much of a Simon and Garfunkel concert either! The future doesn't look much better in Pete's eyes, he talks about the "Rocky Road to the Presidency" & then it's on to the New York City mayor. Mayor Bloomberg has gobbled up two more homes, expanding his real-estate dwellings to 11(!) and Franklin doesn't even have an apartment! I don't think our mayor, the His Worship-the honorable Larry J. Bonderud would resort to such tactics. I could go on and on but why? He'll do it for me plus gripe about the "most expensive swimming pool in the world" (50 or 5 million dollars, I'm not sure which). We'll find out this afternoon when the Gabby Cabby is on the air.