It is the "Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark & the Spending of a Great American Fortune" in Bill Dedman's & Paul Clark Newell, Jr's "Empty Mansions" that we're reading during Montana History on Tuesday evenings up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. Writer John Berendt writes, "Who knew? Though virtually unknown today, W.A. Clark was one of the 50 richest Americans, ever-copper baron, railroad builder, art collector, U.S. Senator & world-class scoundrel. He lived on a Rockefeller scale, yet his daughter & heiress Huguette became a bizarre reclusive. Empty Mansions reveals this mysterious family in sumptuous detail." Check out the book at: It's a fascinating read & I'm looking forward to sharing more of the book, "Empty Mansions" tonight (Tuesday) beginning at 6 o'clock SHARP during Montana History at the Heritage.