Yesterday afternoon, I received a missive from National Producer for NBC Dateline & Conrad native, Shane Bishop, pertaining to tonight's Friday) NBC Dateline broadcast. Keith Morrison & Shane have been following a fascinating story out of Michigan the past 2 years: 2 brothers serving life without parole for a murder the brothers say that they did NOT commit. After being in the slammer for 20 plus years, a childhood friend's random Facebook post set off a chain of events that will blow your socks off! Not only that, but tonight's Dateline actually has a happy ending, something you don't always see on the program. .I'm a big time Dateline fan myself..I enjoy true crime &. watch all of them & I've come away with the conclusion that when the day comes that the long faced Keith Morrison is sitting across the table from you asking questions, you're probably headed to the stir for sure!  NBC Dateline will broadcast the story tonight (Friday) at 7 o'clock on KBGF-Channel 6. Always good to hear from Shane Bishop. Not bad...from Conrad to NBC Television. Good work Shane!