I've been checking out some of those "women romance" novels lately & I note that Harlequin author Sherryl Woods is coming out with 3 "summer sizzlers"! "Sand Castle Bay" to be released next month (April) kicks from the series by introducing her readers to the youngest sister, Emily Castle, an ambitious interior designer who is torn between her successful career on the west coast & her old love. "Her old love" with a name like "Boone Dorsett" might be the sexiest man living along the North Carolina coast, but when Emily is offered an exciting career opportunity, she finds herself in an all too familiar quandary. With a name like Boone, I suggest she might be better off concentrating on her career endeavors! Astute readers will want to check out Sherryl's next book to be released in June, "Wind Chime Point" when this Castle gal meets her middle sister, Gabriella, who is in a "family way" & unemployed to boot! Next up, a family friend by the name of Wade Johnson comes on the scene & woos Gabrielle even though she is in a "family way" with another dude's kid. Come June, this trilogy concludes with the release of "Sea Glass Island".Sherryl Woods" Ocean Breeze trilogy is the perfect series to kick off summer. I mean with characters named "Boone", "Gabriella", & "Wade", how can the romance reader go wrong! Sherryl has sold millions of copies worldwide & is a New York Times & USA TODAY best selling author who has spent a combined 113 weeks since 2008 on the bestsellers list. She's widely known for her signature heartfelt emotions & compelling characters with real life stories. Check these potboilers out at www.Harlequin.com. My advice: never date a guy name Boone or marry a girl named Gabriella. I'm having a hard time with Emily & Wade!  Please pass me a handkerchief! AND "Boone"... don't call me!