It's all here in this fictional story with FACTUAL events about a cop & his relationships with "famous inhabitants". It's D.C. Murphy's new potboiler, "Rooster-A Badge, Gun & Heartache". The "Rooster" is Sean Patrick Murphy, a cop torn between loyalty & justice, & his passion to become a country singer. Now, I'm not sure if this is "Wide Open Country" or just plain old country! "Rooster's" author, CD Murphy, is a San Francisco police officer for more than 35 years. He has established a soundtrack with 5 original country songs recorded by Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Rusty Evans. With names like "Rooster" & "Rusty", I suspect where this deal is going. Murphy is also a writer, carpenter, pilot, movie maker, artist, husband, father & grandfather. Me? I'm just the Puffman on the radio! Check out "Rooster" & see for yourself the story of a police officer's temptations to make illicit & detrimental choices in order to achieve his personal dream, to become a country singer. Murphy says "The book depicts a unique & unforgettable time in the history of Marin County & Mill Valley (California), & tells the story from the perspective of a police officer who was an eyewitness to the comings & goings of Mill Valley's famous inhabitants. Mill Valley, near San Francisco, according to the book, was a small town riddled with bad cops & cocaine dealers!Sounds like where I used to live back in Pennsylvania!  Murphy is a known & loved cop of the celebrities that lived in Mill Valley during the era of the 1970's. Rock icon Sammy Hagar once said, "Murphy was as crazy as we were back then. "Ya' gotta read the book". For more information, visit: