That's what the Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin-the New York City cab driver, is fired up about today, & the Gab Man will be joining me long distance from NYC this afternoon (Friday) at around 4:30 on the Puffman Show. I wish I could give you an exact time, but give me a break...I'm working with Pete! The Wacky Hacky says that a bagel & a schmear is the life blood of New York City stomachs. I would suggest that perhaps Pete & his New York City mayor, Mr. Bloomberg, get together & break bread (in this case, make it a bagel) & try to settle their differences. You think our national politics are polarized these days...these two, don't see eye to eye on anything. Pass the bagels to the boys please. You might want to check out Pete's True Tales at prior to this afternoon's broadcast to check out the stories that I am skipping and or editing out. I AM going to mention a picture of a fellow & his wife on Pete's website who took a Gabby Cabby tour of the city. Man, this guy would probably be healthier, had he walked...I mean, he has a "spare tire" on him bigger than any ol' tire you might see down at Mark's Tire & Alignment here in Shelby & Mark sells some pretty big tires. If a bagel & a schmear truly are the lifeblood of New York City, this dude won't be needing a transfusion any time soon! Other than that, I have no idea where our conservation is going. However, I'm sure Pete (who looks like he stepped out of GQ magazine) will have something flattering to say about Donna, our local sheriff somewhere during the broadcast. See you later today for the Gabby Cabby on the Puffman Show. As for a bagel & a schmear, give me a whole wheat doughnut...I'm a Montana kid.