Register now for the Crop and Pest Management School held at Montana State University January 5-7, 2015. The 2½-day workshop will focus on small grain production in Montana. Ruth Dill-Macky, Professor of Small Grains Pathology at the University of Minnesota Department of Plant Pathology and Scott Meers with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development will provide guest lectures. Topics in plant breeding and weed, disease, insect and nutrient management will be covered by nine MSU staff from the Bozeman campus, as well as scientists from the Central and Eastern MSU Agricultural Research Centers. Crop consulting, private pesticide applicator and commercial/government pesticide applicator credits will be available.

Guest Speakers
Ruth Dill-Macky, Depart. of Plant Pathology, U. of Minnesota
Scott Meers, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

MSU Faculty and Staff
Phil Bruckner, Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Mary Burrows, Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Joyce Eckoff, Eastern Agricultural Research Center
Clain Jones, Land Resources & Env. Sciences
Jane Mangold,Land Resources & Env. Sciences
Bruce Maxwell, Land Resources & Env. Sciences
Fabian Menalled, Land Resources & Env. Sciences
Hilary Parkinson, Schutter Diagnostic Lab
Luther Talbert, Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Kevin Wanner, Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
David Weaver, Land Resources & Env. Sciences
David Wichman, Central Agricultural Research Station

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